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UV565 HD “BLACK OPS”  RRP  $325.00 AUD
The UV565 HD 12MP “Black OPS” is a long range Zero-Glow “COVERT” camera. It is widely used by Police, Councils and other law enforcement agencies. When it comes to A940Nm LED  distance this little beauty just  blows them all away.  The built-in picture viewer allows  you to view and take pictures or video out in the field and supports up to a 32GB SD card. Complete with a FREE 8GB card.
UM565-3G MMS  “BLACK OPS” RRP  $545.00 AUD
The 12MP UM565-3G is a wireless 3G/GPRS/MMS/EMAIL Zero Glow covert camera that takes images and send them immediately to your SMART mobile phone.  As used by  Police, Councils, Security and other law enforcement agencies. The UM565-3G “Black OPS” supports 2-way SMS and GPRS DATA  plans that are cheaper than paying per MMS. The UM565-3G offers lower running costs by using a GPRS SMTP DATA plan or you can pay per MMS picture message. When using the UM565-3G camera there is no need to pay extra to a overseas company unlike some  cameras being offered in Australia where you have to pay a monthly fee on top of your mobile plan. Simple windows software and supports up to 32GB card and runs on the Telstra 3G network. Complete with a FREE 8GB card.
UV572 HD 12MP “PANO”  RRP  $325.00 AUD
The UV572 HD “PANO” is no ordinary trail camera. If you are looking for a camera to cover a wider area then look no further as the UV572 HD “PANO” uses a wide angle lens that can cover a 100 degree field of view. The multi function PIR detection offers a quicker trigger speed and the night vision is out to 80 feet. Supports a On/off laser beam for simple night time set-up and has a large 3” built-in picture viewer that allows you to view your images out in the field. The UV572 HD “PANO” supports up to a 32GB SD card and is rated as a Low Glow camera. Complete with a FREE 8GB card. Lock box and cable lock not included.
This 8MP UV535 8MP “Black OPS” is the  smallest long range Zero-Glow camera on the market. Designed for security and covert operations. When it comes to A940Nm LED  distance this little beauty has 52  LEDS for longer night vision. The built-in picture viewer allows  you to set-up and view images out in the field.  With longer range detection and  illumination allowing you to  cover 4x more area with fast 1.3  second trigger, long battery life,  and up to 8MP resolution with  32GB SD card support. Complete with a FREE 8GB card.
UV535 8MP “Black OPS”  RRP  $225.00 AUD
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