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The most powerful camera in the UOVISION family, featuring the NEW “BLACK OPS” NO GLOW COVERT infra-red.  With longer range detection and illumination allowing you to cover 4x more area with fast 1.2 second trigger, long battery life, and up to 12MP resolution. It can also take up to a 32GB SD card and supports On/Off recycling of the SD card.  A camouflage type pattern with the colour 2” TFT viewer built-in. This camera has a 1/4" tripod mount which makes it easier to use many different types of mounting brackets. This is one of the best cameras on the market for battery life, trigger time, picture quality and clarity and uses the latest in motion and heat activated PIR sensors. The UOVISION UV565 and the UM565-MMS “BLACK OPS” is perfect for Warehouse and Farm Security, Home and Property Surveillance, Farm Gates, Crop and live Stock Monitoring, Fauna Surveys or any other project that requires longer range NO GLOW covert infra-red technology. 12MP colour pictures or video during the daytime and black and white pictures or video at night. Supports Time-Lapse that can automatically snaps images at pre-set intervals. Field Scan, provides long range observation of your food plots and field edges. Pattern game and expand coverage beyond the normal sensor range. Takes Time Lapse Field Scan images plus Live motion triggered images simultaneously.
UV565 HD 12MP “BLACK OPS” FEATURES : Resolution: 12MP = 3328 ×2496, 5MP = 2560×1920 full colour Lens: F/NO=3.1mm FOV (Field of View): 52°, PIR Detection Range: 60~70 feet Interval: 1s – 60 min. Photo Burst: 1–3 images at a time Video Resolution: 1920x1080p and 720p HD with Audio. Video Length: 1–60s Display Screen: Built-in colour 2.0" TFT Memory Card: SD/SDHC up to 32GB PIR Sensor: Multi Zone, PIR Sensitivity: Adjustable High/Normal/Low/Off) Infra-red LEDS: 60 pcs A940Nm No-Glow. Long Range LEDS Trigger Time: 1.2s. Weight: 0.45 kg Operation/Storage Temp.: -20 - +60°C / -30 - +70°C Power Consumption: 150 mA (+450mA when IR-LED activated) Power Supply: 12 × AA batteries or a 6v external battery. Dimensions: 144 x 119 x 68 and outdoor rated IP54 Lockable password protection via a pin number Recycling function: Over-rides old images On/Off selectable Supports Time Lapse functions from 5SEC to 8Hrs with On/Off timer UM565 12MP MMS/GPRS WIRELESS CAMERA FEATURES: Most of the above functions as the UV565 trail camera plus MMS. 800 x 600 and 320x240 programable KB MMS picture size 12MP and standard SIM card for GSM/GPRS/MMS wireless functions GPRS DATA plan: You don’t pay per picture message like with MMS Instant or daily MMS or e-mail mode (No USA websites required) Send alerts to max. 4 mobile devices and 4 e-mail addresses.
UV565 HD “BLACK OPS”  RRP  $325.00 AUD
High resolution 12MP images, VGA video recording, time lapse, fast triggering, a built-in colour viewer and that's just to name a few. The GPRS/GSM/MMS/EMAIL wireless feature is where this camera really shines. The external antenna gives you the ability to receive a stronger mobile signal where other MMS cameras can't and the quick set-up is simple and very user friendly and can take up to 12AA batteries for longer out in the field time. Uses a windows based GSM set-up software. Offers lower running costs by using a GPRS DATA plan instead of pay per MMS picture message. It sends pictures to your mobile phone or email so you can see the details you need for scouting or security purposes while still saving the 12MP images to the SD card within the camera. You can also program up to 4 emails and 4 phone numbers into the camera to send images to friends and family. The UM565-MMS wireless allows for scent-free, real-time scouting of your hunting area with the reliability and performance you expect. This camera will pay for itself in fuel savings alone. The UM565-MMS is a top-of-the-line camera as a surveillance tool that is a must for every outdoors man or security professional. The UM565-MMS “Black OPS” sends you photos anywhere in the world. All you need is an activated Telstra SIM card. It supports MMS/SMS/E-Mail via GSM/GPRS Networks. It works with mobile carriers such as Telstra, Optus and Amaysim.  The new 2014 model now supports 2-way SMS control. Please note: this camera requires the SIM pin to be disabled and maybe limited by mobile network coverage in some rural areas. We recommend using Telstra as they have the largest mobile network. The UM565-MMS “BLACK OPS” is perfect for Warehouse and Farm Security, Home and Property Surveillance, Farm Gates,  Crop and live Stock Monitoring and uses the latest in motion and heat activated PIR sensors. Fauna Surveys or any other project that requires longer range NO GLOW BLACK FLASH infra-red technology.
UM565 MMS  “BLACK OPS” RRP  $475.00 AUD
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